Louise's Updates

Louise Continues Her Rehabilitation January 10, 2016 11:50

I pile all my beagles in the car and make the all but two-minute trip to our local park. Louise knows our cue, "Go to the Park," and jumps right in the backseat of the car. This is a big accomplishment for Louise, as she could never leave our house and always whimpered on car rides. She loves exploring all the scents at the park. We continue to make baby-step improvements!

Louise Remains Shy November 17, 2015 18:05

Many people have been asking if Louise can accompany me to author book signings. Louise is still very shy in public places. But we will keep trying to have her make her debut at a later event.

Louise Gets Brave! June 2, 2015 21:30

My publisher, Cynthia Sudor, owner of Caracyn Publishing, and I went antique shopping together. When we returned, Louise mustered up her courage and sniffed Cynthia's hand! Cynthia felt honored!