Louise on the Lam

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I’ve never seen a dog so scared! What on earth was done to her?” These are the statements typically made by people upon meeting Louise. But Louise is no typical dog. She’s a red and white, copper-nosed beagle who is rescued from a high kill shelter in West Virginia. Sharon Cree, her foster mom, in spite of all her experience with beagles, gets more than she bargained for. Louise is afraid of everything and everybody. Imagine being terrified of something so common as bacon sizzling on the stove. Normal occurrences such as being petted produce abnormal reactions in Louise. Sharon uses her expertise, patience, and knowledge of rescue dogs to rehabilitate Louise. But Louise is a slow learner.

Weeks of working with Louise’s fears finally lead to an appointment with a vet behaviorist accompanied by a certified dog trainer. It is here, at the vet’s office in a business district, where Louise escapes. Be prepared to take the reading ride of your life as Sharon and her husband Ray undergo an emotional roller coaster in their search for Louise.

You’ll be in suspense during her disappearance. You’ll discover that a disturbed little dog can make a difference in the lives she touches. You’ll get a peek at the plight of homeless animals. You’ll gain insight into the heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching world of rescue. Sharon describes her tales of teaching elementary school and intertwines her “tails” of her foster beagles as well.

Louise on the Lam, A Foster Mom’s Tale of Love, Rescue and A Tail on the Loose explores the humanity and compassion in all of us. Combine love, paired with perseverance, mix in some adventure, sprinkle a little humor, add a dash of facts about unwanted animals, blend in sensitivity, flavor it with everyday lessons, and enhance a passionate, true to life story with unbelievable events about a rescue dog and her owner who never gave up hope.

Content:  The book is 19 chapters, 249 pages, includes a 4-page, full color photo section.

Readability Level:  Ages 12 to Adult

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