Beagle Bits

Here are some more interesting tidbits about Sharon's favorite kind of dog, the BEAGLE!  Beagle Bits are also featured in "Louise on the Lam, A Foster Mom's Tale of Love, Rescue and a Tail on the Loose." You'll learn an informative beagle fact at the end of every chapter. Buy it today!

  A group of beagles is called a bugle.

  Pennsylvania has the most Beagle clubs of any state.

  The first beagle registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885 was named Blunder.

  Former President Lyndon Johnson owned beagles named Him & Her.

  Beagles are pack-oriented dogs. So consider getting two to give each other canine company!

  If you are experiencing some difficulty house training your beagle, keep trying.  Beagles can generally be stubborn when it comes to potty wars.Persistence pays off.

  Beagles are super smellers. They have some 220 million scent receptors, whereas man has an average of 5 million.

 The first litter of  in vitro puppies were born in July, 2015. Nineteen host embryos were transferred to a host female dog. She gave birth to 7 healthy puppies, 2 from a beagle mother and a cocker spaniel father, and 5 from 2 pairings of beagle fathers & mothers. Although the world does not need any more puppies, there exists the potential discovery to eradicate certain human and canine genetic diseases and disorders. This could also benefit saving the 5 endangered species of wild dogs and wolves that are threatened with extinction.